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Alpena, Michigan 49707

Office Phone: 855-942-2957
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  • Autotek Stud Feeder Automated Stud Feeders
  • Autotek Nut Feeder Automated Nut Feeders
  • Autotek Double Action Arms Autotek Double Action Arm
  • Autotek Profiled Track Custom Profiled Tracks
  • Autotek Lower Weld Electrode Lower Weld Electrode


Autotek-Systems designs and builds automatic nut and stud feeders and other weld related products. Our patented gripper cylinders put fasteners on the work piece, not on the floor. Understanding your process is how we make it better.

Recent News

Autotek-Systems Retrofits

Autotek-Systems asks: Are you interested in saving money by retrofitting or retooling your Dengensha, Yajima, MTS, Fabtek, or other industrial nut feeder or stud feeder?

At Autotek-Systems we have the experience and expertise to refurbish and retool your existing vibratory bowl feeder and escapement to integrate with our patented Gripper cylinder for an existing fastener or an entirely new fastener. We will modify the escapement and, if necessary, replace everything from the bowl discharge to the weld pin. That means a new track/chute, feed cylinder, nut nest made of A2 hardened tool steel, exit doors, stainless steel gripper, and actuating valve, sized for improved performance.

All this comes with a new warranty on all new components for a FRACTION of the cost for a new system.


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