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PO Box 711
Alpena, Michigan 49707

Office Phone: 855-942-2957
Office Phone: 989-354-2250
Fax: 989-354-5325

Office: 8am-5pm M-F
Receiving: 8am-4:30pm M-F

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  • Autotek Stud Feeder Automated Stud Feeders
  • Autotek Nut Feeder Automated Nut Feeders
  • Autotek Double Action Arms Autotek Double Action Arm
  • Autotek Profiled Track Custom Profiled Tracks
  • Autotek Lower Weld Electrode Lower Weld Electrode


Autotek-Systems is a Michigan company who began as a sales/engineering company that listened. Over time our customers told us what they did and didn't like about the products we sold, and they also told us what they liked and didn't like about our competitors products. We listened when they said, "why can't you do this?" When everyone else said no, we did it. We continue to develop new and innovative solutions and products based on customer and industry needs.

We built our reputation by doing tasks that our competitors said couldn't be done. They never told us. We built our reputation by being willing to customize our standard feeder design to fit a customers or integrators needs. We believe in controlling the process, not being a victim of it. We stand behind our products until they fulfill our claims. When we say "yes we can" we do!

In fact, our first customer asked if we could help with their "in die" welding operation. Their, then supplier of automatic nut feeders, was unable/unwilling to provide the reliability required for such an operation, and they certainly could not increase the speed to what the customer wanted. We said "yes we can" and we did. They now have several in die welding operations in different plants and we continue to be the feeder company they use. They continue to run faster than ever before - Hands Free!

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