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Autotek Nut Feeder



All systems have a 12" or a 15" stainless steel vibratory bowl. Bowl size is determined by the size of the fastener and the required feed rate. The bowls are designed to provide a single line of parts to the discharge. The bowl is tooled to allow only the correctly oriented parts to exit the bowl. All others will recirculate until they come up correctly oriented. The discharge gate is for a specific part and is NOT ADJUSTABLE.

The bowl requires 110vAC and features an AC or an RC current feed to the bowl. The controller includes a soft start feature for fasteners requiring more control of the feeding process.

The SHUTTLE and BLOW where used

The shuttle system is designed to provide on demand feeding with dual out systems (see on demand later in this overview). In some cases (typically smaller fasteners, non flanged) where a single out is required, a simplified blow mechanism is used without the shuttle.

Note: lengths up to 30 feet of chuting are attainable but must be quoted specifically for that purpose.


All systems include a 1cu ft auxiliary supply hopper. The hopper with our AutoTek-Systems flow switch is designed to maintain a constant level of parts in the bowl for most reliable operation.


The placement cylinder is a licensed Automation Teknologies patented product designed specifically for the nut welding industry. It features a spring loaded ID gripper. The gripper mechanically holds the fastener in place while carrying it to the weld pin at which time the gripper is closed and the fastener is released onto the weld pin. NOTE: All gripper functions are caused by cylinder geometry and require to additional valving or controls. It is cushioned on both ends for longer cylinder life.

System Specs:
  • Control Enclosure: Nema 12
  • System controller: Allen Bradley Micrologix 1200
  • 110vAC at 10 amps.
  • Sensors are 24vDC a 24V power supply is built in.
  • 80 PSI with a minimum 3/8" independent air supply is required.
  • Track/Chuting length:12 ft standard, longer lengths available.
  • Placement cylinder stroke: 12" standard
  • Extended stroke cylindricator: 24vDC standard
  • System color: Safety Blue
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